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Evolutive exhibition (First week)

Ausstellungsraum Klingental/RANK (Leslie Fernandez, Natascha de Cortillas, Eduardo Cruces, David Romero, Oscar Concha, Turtles all the way down, Leonardo Bürgi and some publications by MACACO Press).

FAQ Gallery : Installation by Leonardo Bürgi.

Klingentalweglein : Nicolas Raufaste’s public space installation:  METAΦOPEΣ (aus der Reihe), 2013

RANK (Kasernenstr. 34): DI, MI, FR 15 – 18h; DO 15 – 20h; SA, SO 12 – 17h
FAQ Gallery (St. Johanns-Ring 133): Fr 14 – 16h, during the week on request here. Special opening hours on 1st and 2nd November: 18 – 21h (Performance by Andrea Marioni)

Short program of actions

13. October:
Ausstellungsraum Klingental/RANK, 18:00: Vernissage
Keck Kiosk,19:00: Unperfect Radio (Lausanne) – Live-Radio emission

14. October:
Ausstellungsraum Klingental/RANK, 17h30:  THIS IS NOT CHILE – Lectures from Andrea Herrera, Natasha de Cortillas and Leslie Fernández (Chile)

17. October:
Neues Kino, 18:30 : Screenings proposed by Magali Dougoud (Lausanne) (Program)

19. October:
VIA 19.30Uhr: THIS IS NOT CHILE – Performative lectures from Oscar Concha, David Romero, Eduardo Cruces (Chile)
Ausstellungsraum Klingental/RANK (Point of encounter), 18Uhr: Performance by  MACACO Press (Genève) in public space

20. October:
Ausstellungsraum Klingental/RANK (Point of encounter), 18:00: Performance by  MACACO Press (Genève) in public space

Neues Kino, 18.30 : Screenings proposed by Magali Dougoud, 2nd part  (Program)
Keck Kiosk, 16 – 20Uhr:  ICIPERFORMANCE – Radioperformance

VIA, 19.00 : THIS IS NOT CHILE – Lauching of the books « Arte y Desindustria » und « Atlas » and a culinary performance titles « Sobremesa » von Natacha de Cortillas (please subscribe here to reserve your place, it is limited)

21. October:
Doppledecker, 17:00: ICIPERFORMANCE (Belgium) – Live-emission (in collaboration with BNA-BBOT)

26. October:
Ausstellungsraum Klingental/RANK, 19:00: Turtles all the way down – Presentation of Installation AirSPACE

27. Oktober:

10:00 Ausstellungsraum Klingental/RANK, Meeting point : WANDERING’S WONDERS
a ~100 minutes walk in Basel curated by Peter Schreuder

14:00 Ausstellungsraum Klingental/RANK:  Turtles all the way down – Performance

Verein LLOS, 17:00: Lukas 17:00 Huber und UFO – experimental concert/ 15Uhr Akash Sharma – Sound Installation: « Accoustic of Goan Heritage »

28. October:
Ausstellungsraum Klingental/RANK, 17:00: Turtles all the way down – Performance

1. November:
FAQ Gallery, 18 – 21Uhr: Oral Bank- Performance by Andrea Marioni

2. November:
FAQ Gallery, 18 – 21Uhr: Oral Bank- Performance by Andrea Marioni

3. November:
Kasko, 16:00-19:00: Just for the record – Workshop
Kasko, 19.30: Video installation von Felipe Castelblanco
Kasko, 21: Save my skin lab – Conzert and Party

4. November:
Kasko, 12 -16: Video installation by Felipe Castelblanco

Ausstellungsraum Klingental/RANK, 17:00: Poetry and Photography – Textinstallation by Simone Lappert and Livio Baumgartner

Ausstellungsraum Klingental/RANK,18:00: Sébastien Leseigneur: Junk Memories – Performative lecture


Call for ICIPerformance

Dans le cadre de sa proposition à ERIAZO, ICIPerformance radio lance un appel à projet:

[Appel à sons] ICIPerformance radio

Nous vous invitons à participer au projet ERIAZO en nous envoyant des sons que vous avez produit autour de l’intime, de la géographie, du territoire ou d’un lieu en particulier.

Lundi 1er oct: Remise d’une intention.
Dites nous si vous êtes intéressé par le projet.
Lundi 15 oct: Envoyez nous vos fichiers (en wave).

©Julie Rouanne